Unusual and unfamiliar Uzbekistan

18.12.2018 15:38

Have you not once in your life heard of such a country as Uzbekistan, and did not want to visit it? It is amazing, unusual and unfamiliar country. After all, only here you will find beautiful and fascinating places, which are not present in any tourist tour. Uzbekistan is very good for the fact that you can spend some quiet time in the place free of tourists.

If you enjoy the beauty of untouched nature and friendly local people, national culture, relaxation of mind, then you should definitely visit Uzbekistan.

And there are several reasons, according to which you just need to see this country. The presence of the unexplored corners of tourists, new knowledge, the discovery of the beautiful and picturesque places where you will be the first, who has visited them, indicate it.

Unusual and unfamiliar Uzbekistan

You can get acquainted with the culture of Uzbekistan much closer. If you are a foodie, then you certainly will be pleased with a large variety of dishes, you can also visit the workshop, where you will be taught all the refinement of cooking Uzbek food.

Various interests, exciting trips and nature, as well as the opportunity to participate in ethno tours can serve as reasons, according to which you should visit Uzbekistan.

Enter the offered link and know more about tours around Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is diverse and rich country. You will enjoy a way of its daily life, which is very original and diverse. And it has always been interesting to learn something new. Every ornithologist, speleologist, numismatist, or the ethnographer wants to see Uzbekistan.

In addition, it will be probably interesting for you to know that such personalities as Al Khorezmi and Avicenna lived in Uzbekistan. And there was a wedding of Alexander the Great.

Uzbekistan - the unusual and original land, with a rich heritage. It is a home of surprisingly talented and generous people. People are very kind with a pure soul, carefully preserving their traditions and customs.

Customs and traditions of the Uzbek nation had been forming for centuries. They are very specific, impressive and varied, ranging from different ages and religions.

It is well known that in antiquity and the early Middle Ages different religious and philosophical beliefs, including Zoroastrism and Buddhism exerted influence upon the spiritual life of the Uzbek nation. The Great Silk Road and our forefathers - Sogdian and Bactrian merchants and preachers played an outstanding role in the promotion of culture and one of the world's oldest religions - Buddhism in the East.

Unusual and unfamiliar Uzbekistan

About 20 Buddhist monuments are located near Termez on the territory of modern Uzbekistan.

In our time, Uzbekistan is an attractive tourist destination for adventurous people who are interested in culture and history, traditions, and exotic countries.

Architectural sights of Uzbekistan are the historical cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, where monuments are preserved.

The tourist infrastructure in recent years is growing rapidly and offers tourists not only oriental exoticism and picturesque scenery, but also the western standards of service.

Unusual and unfamiliar Uzbekistan

There are many uncommon countries on the Earth. They are interesting, informative, beautiful, exciting and exotic. But Uzbekistan is a special country, which one can not only see and admire, but also experience the excitement of the possibility of inhaling its unique smells - fruits and vegetables, pilaf, shashlik and Uzbek bread. Uzbekistan - fragrant and delicious land! Come - and feel!

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