Filtration process in water treatment system

19.01.2022 11:13

Filtration process in water treatment system

Filtration is the process of removing suspended solid particles from the water. There is a number of mechanisms that we can use to remove particles such as flocculation, surface capture, straining, and sedimentation. Filters are categorized on the main methods of their capturing the particles from the water.

Strainers generally feature a simple thin membrane or physical barrier made from plastic or metal. In water treatment, the strainers are used at the inlet point of the water so that when the water passes through the strainer the large particles like fish, leaves, and coarse detritus get filtered out from the water. These may be manual or mechanical scraped bar screens. For the septic tanks denver and commercial grease trap, drain cleaning denver co is used. The spacing between the bars varies from 1 to 10 cm. The latter known as micro strainers are strainers having an extremely small slit and are used to remove small components like algae.

In a water treatment system, filters are basically a medium through which when the untreated water is passed most of the suspended solid particles get filtered out by the strainer. Disposable cartridge filters are an example of filters that are used for domestic and small-scale industrial use. Cartridge filters are also available in larger forms that can be cleaned. Another type of filtrate is precoated filtration in which a sacrificial coating of diatomaceous earth (or any other material) is coated on a porous support surface. Each time the filter is cleaned when it is used. In addition, during the process of filtration, the diatomaceous earth is applied continuously in a small amount. However, in most, the municipal water treatment plant, material like sand or any other granular material ( crushed glass, anthracite, or other ceramic material, etc) is used as filter material. When such filter is used for the process of filtration then that type of filtration is known as in-depth granular media filtration.

There are two distinct ways which are commonly used to use granular media filters - rapid gravity or pressure filtration and slow-sand filtration. When filters are used as the final process for the removal of solid particles from the water, then the filters should be used before the solid-liquid separation (clarification) process known as sedimentation process dissolved-air flotation (Flotation Processes) or maybe a preliminary stage of filtration.

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